The mission of Pointed Lens is to amplify the stories of marginalized communities and to engage new audiences in a greater cultural conversation through the power of art and film.

Our Values:

Representation – it is vital for every community and every individual to craft their own unique identity and to find ways for these unique identities to be shared in an attempt to fight all-too-common stereotypes.

Conversation – without creating a space for sharing of ideas, our culture will never progress and we, as a people, can never learn to work together for the greater good.

Creativity – Art allows us ways of communicating beyond words and everyone has the capacity to create meaningful art.

Amplification – It is all too easy to get lost in the noise of our modern world so we strive to amplify the voices of our participants and their communities to make sure they are heard.

Want even more info? Find our Strategies, Goals, and Priorities HERE.

Pointed Lens is powered by Create Reel Change, a non-profit organization that designs and provides programs to inspire people with mental wellness issues and those in recovery.

All donations for Pointed Lens go through Create Reel Change.